Tongue-tie information leaflet

Based on the original leaflet 'Breastfeeding and Tongue Tie', by Mary O'Shea IBCLC 1969-2008 and updates within the Lacation Consultants of Great Britain, the ATP have further developed this popular resource.

The leaflets are designed as a tear off pad with 25 sheets, are now in two sizes A4 and A5, and are ideal for use in clinics and home visits.

The tongue-tie leaflet is double sided, click the image to the right to view the full leaflet, please note this is for viewing purposes only, not for printing.

For more information on tongue-tie leaflet costs, orders and payment methods please contact Lynn Timms.

Please note that the postage and packaging price will vary depending on the quantity of pads you require.


ATP members you are entitled to purchase this resource at the reduced rate of
A4 = £5 each or 2 for 9 plus P&P
A5 = £3 each or 4 for 10 plus P&P

Non members the tariff is
A4 = £7 each or 2 for 12 plus P&P
A5 - £5 each or 4 for 15 plus P&P