The practitioners listed here are all members of the ATP and as such have provided evidence of appropriate training, professional registration and insurance. However, parents are urged to check the credentials of the person they are employing.

ATP is not a regulatory body and does not vouch for the quality of service of any member appearing in the membership directory. A member's inclusion in the directory does not constitute any kind of recommendation. As the ATP does not perform a regulatory function we suggest that if there are concerns about a private practitioner's practice then this should be raised with the practitioner in the first instance.

If the issue isn't adequately resolved or is serious in nature then advice should be sought from the practitioners regulatory body. For example the Nursing and Midwifery Council (www.nmc-uk.org), the General Medical Council (www.gmc-uk.org), General Dental Council (www.gdc-uk.org) or the General Osteopathic Council (www.osteopathy.org.uk).

Concerns involving NHS staff can be dealt with by contacting the NHS Hospital/Unit employing them. Details of how to do this can be obtained from the practitioner concerned or by contacting their employer/consulting their employer's website.


Please use the links in the drop down menu at the top of the page to find private practitioners who provide a service in your local area.

Ensure the person you choose is a registered nurse, midwife, doctor or dentist and ask to see evidence of registration including their NMC/GMC/GDC number. As many mothers and babies need further help and support after tongue-tie division, the person you choose should either have expertise in breastfeeding or be able to refer you to someone who does.

Most private nurse/midwife tongue-tie practitioners are also International Board Certified Lactation Practitioners (IBCLC). All IBCLCs will be able to provide evidence of their qualification.

Choosing a local tongue-tie practitioner will also make it easier to access follow up and support afterwards.

Tongue-tie practitioners should be able to produce evidence of insurance (usually with the Medical Defence Union) and evidence that they have been trained to perform tongue-tie division. The prices charged and services offered by tongue-tie practitioners can be quite variable so may be worth phoning around if there are several in your area. Talking to other mothers who have used the services of a private tongue-tie practitioner can also be very helpful.

Self employed nurses/midwives providing frenulotomy do not need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission. Further information on this is available for members in the 'Members Area' of this site or on request to members of the public/other professsionals.


Listed below are Association of Tongue-tie Practioners members, who provide tongue-tie services within the NHS in Northern Ireland.

If you are a Tongue-tie Practitioner working in the NHS we can list your services - please complete this form and email to Lynn Timms at membership@tongue-tie.org.uk
Please refer to this completed example form showing the required information.



Name: Gillain Anderson
Position: Breastfeeding Co-ordinator and Supervisor of Midwives
Qualifications: Registererd Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Area covered: Northern Trust Residents
Clinic or group: Antrim Hospital, Neonatal Clinic Room. Wednesday morning 8.30 am to 1pm
Referral criteria: Health professional referral, no parental referrals. Breastfeeding babies within the postnatal period of 12 weeks of age.
Please complete and return this Referral Form to Helen.dunseath@northerntrust.hscni.net