The purpose of this survey was to have a quick and easy to answer set of questions to determine average rates of complications following tongue tie division. This is in response to CQC enquires, and so that individual practitioners can compare their own outcomes with others, as part of auditing their practice. Outcomes can be subjective (e.g. defining medical input for a ‘bleed’), which is a limitation of the survey.
The Survey
The survey was a set a of four questions to determine bleeding, infection and repeat division rates for the year 2020. This was set up on Survey Monkey and responses were anonymous. There is scope for much more in-depth audit, and this survey was really to get a starting point with regards to potential serious complication rates. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete it, and for being honest with your responses.

The Questions
1)In 2020, how many tongue tie divisions did you do?
2)In 2020, how many ‘bleeds’ did you have that required medical input?
3)In 2020, how many re-divisions did you do?
4)In 2020, did any of the babies you treated develop an infection in the tongue tie division site, diagnosed by a medical professional?

36 responses
1)9365 total divisions out of 36 participants
2)0.06% needing medical input for a ‘bleed’
3)3.03% re-divisions
4)0% infections

0.6 babies per 1000 needing medical input for a ‘bleed’ (1.2 babies per 2000).

Re-division rates varied widely with three averaging 10-15% of divisions leading to a re-division, whilst others were obviously much lower which is reflected in the average of 3.03%.