Next ATP Meeting 2020

Dear members, It is our ATP quarterly meeting on December 7th, which will be held via ‘Zoom’.  The committee meeting will commence at 10am and then the general meeting will commence at 11:30am. Zoom access details will be sent to your email address nearer the time. Please forward any items that you wish to be discussed at either of the meetings to: by Sunday 29th November 2020 … Read More

Covid 19

The current Covid 19 situation is very challenging for all involved in healthcare provision. It is also subject to rapid change. Therefore ATP is not able to advise its members whether or not they should continue providing tongue-tie divisions at this present difficult time. Members will need to take their own personal circumstances into consideration whilst also working within government … Read More

On-line Tongue-tie Course

Online tongue-tie and infant feeding course written by Sarah Oakley RN, HV, IBCLC and Tongue-tie Practitioner in association with Babyem. The course consists of 5 core modules covering how tongue ties in infants are assessed, the impact of tongue-tie and strategies to support dyads,  anatomy and physiology, and treatment. It is suitable for professionals who divide tongue-tie as well as those … Read More

Why Folic Acid is not to blame

There is lots of speculation about a connection between folic acid, the MTHFR gene mutation and the increase in infant tongue-tie incidence. This topic comes up frequently in online parenting groups and sometimes in the wider media. The MTHFR gene provides instructions for making an enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. This enzyme is involved in a chemical reaction involving folate. The … Read More

Does Frenulotomy help infants with tongue-tie overcome breastfeeding difficulties? 2015

Does Frenulotomy help infants with tongue-tie overcome breastfeeding difficulties? Journal of Family Practice 2015 February;64 (2):126-127. 7 April 2015 Dear Editor We are writing on behalf of the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners ( and Tongue-tie UK, a grass roots organisation which aims to raise awareness of tongue-tie issues ( in response to the article by J. Cawse-Lucas et al … Read More