Covid 19

The current Covid 19 situation is very challenging for all involved in healthcare provision. It is also subject to rapid change.
Therefore ATP is not able to advise its members whether or not they should continue providing tongue-tie divisions at this present difficult time. Members will need to take their own personal circumstances into consideration whilst also working within government guidance. As guidance from the government is not aimed at specific services, interpretation can be subjective. We therefore recommend all members carry out their own risk assessment on an individual basis.

2 Comments on “Covid 19”

  1. My daughter is struggling to breastfeed 3 week old baby who has tongue tie. There are no known practitioners who can carry out procedure either within her NHS Trust or privately.

    Her 2 year old was successfully treated at 6 weeks old, and we think this is a factor in current difficulties.

    Any advice?

  2. I was wondering how I could join as a Tongue Tie Practitioner? I recently qualified in Feb 2020 with Wolverhampton University and I am in the process of setting up a Tongue Tie clinic in Northern Ireland. I was wondering also about how soon I could train other professionals in frenulotomies? Thanks

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