The Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners (ATP) was set up in 2012 by a group of Tongue-tie Practitioners from the NHS and independent sectors. Despite the growing body of evidence the issue of tongue-tie in babies and the impact it can have on feeding is not universally acknowledged.

Access to professional help with diagnosis and treatment is not consistent with tongue-tie division services being nonexistent in some parts of the UK. Practitioners working with tongue-tie babies often work in isolation as a result.

It was recognised that there was a major role for an organisation through which practitioners could share experiences, learn, develop best practice and help parents to access safe and effective care.

In the future the ATP is hoping to identify provision for training for those healthcare professionals wishing to learn more about tongue-tie and tongue-tie division.

Study days are also being planned for all of those involved in the care of babies and parents who may be affected by tongue ties. Watch this space for further information. Please note we are unable to respond to individual requests for training, currently.

To assist tongue-tie practitioners and other healthcare providers in their work with tongue-tied babies the ATP also offers regular discussion forums which are held after committee meetings.

These forums, as well as the committee meetings, are open to all full and affiliated members of the ATP.