Care After Tongue-tie Division (Frenulotomy) factsheet


A5 leaflet; double-sided; hole-punched to fit in Child Heath Record. This informative leaflet explains to parents what they can expect following frenulotomy, highlighting what is normal and when to be concerned. The format is easy for parents to access and understand, and includes a colour photo demonstrating normal healing post-division.

All leaflets produced by the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners (ATP) are designed to be used in conjunction with the individualised care provided by your Health Care Practitioner. The ATP accepts no responsibility for how they are used.

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The ‘Care After Tongue-tie Division Factsheet’ is double sided.

This resource is available to be purchased in A5 size pads each with 25 tear off leaves.

* Please note that the Care After Tongue-Tie Division Factsheet is copyrighted to the ATP and is NOT to be photocopied. Action will be taken by the ATP if it comes to the attention of the organisation that copywrite has been compromised. *