Tongue Tie Courses (Not frenulotomy training)

Tongue Tie, Lactation, and Infant Feeding Courses for healthcare professionals (by Sarah Oakley)

Sarah Oakley Registered Nurse , Registered Health Visitor, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and Tongue-tie Practitioner provides regular study days in Cambridgeshire and will travel to provide training too.  Face to face study days on tongue-tie and infant feeding also available for individuals or organisations including NHS groups. Please see this link for details:

Babyem Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding course (by Sarah Oakley)

This course is for childcare, breastfeeding and healthcare professionals who would like to be able to better guide and support families who have babies with tongue-tie. The advanced syllabus will support students to gain a deeper understanding of the different types of tongue-tie, the assessment processes used and the possible treatment available. Students will also learn how to sign-post parents quickly and effectively and know the effects tongue-tie has on other areas such as feeding and speech.

There are 5 core modules which include a mix of text, audio, videos, and quizzes. You can listen to the audio version whilst on the go and access free ongoing support and additional information through a closed Facebook group.

The course is available at OCN levels 3 & 4 (equivalent to A level and degree level) and there is the option to do the course without OCN accreditation too. CERPS have been  awarded at 5.75L CERPS for the unaccredited and level 3 options and 8L CERPS for the level 4 course.

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Tongue Tie Awareness Course for Health Care Professionals (by Diana Warren)

RGN (Adult and Neonatal) , IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Tongue Tie Practitioner, and Infant Feeding Specialist (LEAARC)

This is a tongue-tie information resource for general use for those who support parents and caregivers with infant feeding, such as peer supporters and is for general information purposes only (nb this course will NOT teach you to diagnose and will NOT teach the frenulotomy procedure itself). The course houses videos on recognising some common symptoms of a tongue tie and discusses a frenulotomy procedure (tongue tie division) using scissors. It looks at the risks of the procedure, and the benefits too whilst acknowledging and addressing common misconceptions. The course is approximately a one-hour snapshot presentation which includes films and discussion through an online platform.  (Baby Massage, Baby and Toddler Yoga 2in1 Course, Breastfeeding Know-How and Introducing Solids are also available for online access and are aimed predominantly for parents & responsible adults caring for infants through the same website).


Study sessions with Lynn Timms Registered Nurse, Registered Health Visitor, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Tongue-tie Practitioner and Trainer, BSc (Psychology) and Teacher in Developmental Baby Massage

New for 2022 Lynn is offering a selection of courses  related to breastfeeding and infant feeding   including:-

Tongue-Tie Awareness Session – identification, referral and support (by Lynn Timms)

This programme of 4 hours includes:-

  • Normal function of the tongue in relation to milk feeding.
  • Recognition of tongue-tie and related feeding issues.
  • Maintaining lactation and supporting the breastfeeding dyad throughout the process.
  • Management of tongue-tie – referral processes, frenulotomy procedure and post procedural care.


Long-Term Implications of Having A Tongue-Tie (by Lynn Timms)

This programme of 1½ hours will explore the impact that tongue-tie can have on the older infant, childhood and adult health.


Breastfeeding  – various topics  available –  choose your bespoke learning (by Lynn Timms)


Infant / Bottle Feeding – various topics  available –  choose your bespoke learning (by Lynn Timms)


Setting Up In Business (by Lynn Timms)
This programme of 2 hours includes:-

  • When to set up.
  • Business planning.
  • Financial issues.
  • Documentation.
  • Business and professional etiquette.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Maintaining skills.


All sessions can be provided to suit your learning  and work needs , virtual or in-person, specific for your workplace  or joining Lynn on a set session –  please  see more on


Tongue tie courses (frenulotomy competency training)

There are currently only two centres offering training in division in the UK. Please refer to: page link for further details

Dudley will train those planning to divide in the NHS and who have agreement from their managers.

Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley Contact:     01902 518862


Southampton General Hospital

Southampton General Hospital Contact Erin Winteridge

02381 206677 or Fax: 02381 204750


Training for professionals to perform the frenulotomy procedure (by Lynn Timms)

Registered Nurse, Registered Health Visitor, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Tongue-tie Practitioner and Trainer, BSc (Psychology) and Teacher in Developmental Baby Massage

This training will be available to regulated health professionals who have undergone a theoretical tongue-tie course and have an interest and in-depth knowledge of infant feeding.

An NHS honorary contract will need to be arranged for Lynn  so the practical training can be provided over a number of weeks within  an  NHS setting until  the trainee is competent to practice on their own. The training will include:-

  • Discussions about the role
  • Observing Lynn  conducting clinical and feeding assessments, frenulotomy, associated conversations with parents and record keeping
  • The trainee conducting all the above under Lynn’s supervision with ongoing discussions and learning opportunities


For much more detail please see