Update to payment instructions for membership – act now please

Hi All,
As previously agreed and per constitution, we are now only taking payments for membership fees and listings via the Direct Debit company GoCardless. You will need to click the link below, or the link sent to your email address and complete your details as requested. This will create a DD mandate, you will then be added to the correct subscription plan/s for you; Annual membership fees and/or Annual website listing fee.
The annual membership fee plan is £45 and will be set to be taken on 1st December 2020 for the 2021 membership year. Those already paid via Standing Order for your website listing will be added to the annual listing plan for 1st September 2021. Those still outstanding, I will request from GoCardless once your mandate is active (if you wish to continue listing on the website).
Please click the link and complete your details as soon as possible so your DD fees are ready to be called for on 1st December!
ALSO, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR STANDING ORDERS TO US WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT!!!!! We CANNOT do this part, you have to otherwise you will pay twice. (Standing order is no longer an option to pay for membership.
Please email me on membership@tongue-tie.org.uk if any queries!
ATP Membership Secretary