Committee Members

Luci Lishman

ATP Chair & Honorary Member– Luci Lishman

In recognition of her contribution to the association, Luci was voted as an honorary member in 2019. Luci was one of the founding members of ATP when it was set up in 2012 and was Treasurer from 2012 until 2020 when she became Chair. Luci is a registered nurse, midwife and international board lactation consultant and provides a private infant feeding and frenulotomy service in Buckinghamshire. She also works with osteopaths to provide a combined approach to infant feeding support. Email for ATP related support / for members to access CEDR mediation information/support

Diana Warren

ATP Secretary – Diana Warren

Diana has been the ATP’s secretary and Minutes secretary since 2019. Based in the Midlands Diana works privately as a tongue tie practitioner and IBCLC . Diane is a registered nurse, neonatal nurse, and more recently trained in orofacial myofunctional treatment. Email:

Erinn Winter

Assistant Treasurer - Erinn Winter

Erinn is a Tongue Tie Practitioner and Lactation Consultant in private practice since 2010, covering Herts and Beds. A former treasurer for the ATP between 2020 and 2022, she is now an Assistant Treasurer. She is a mother of four children, and interests include swimming and yoga!

Vicky Jordan

Media  - Vicky Jordan

A nurse since 1998 Vicky has been supporting mothers and babies since 2010 first as a La Leche League leader and more recently (since 2016) as an IBCLC. She became a member of ATP in 2013 and has previously been the website co-ordinator and is now the Media officer. Since training at Southampton in 2014 she has a private practice based in Kent and in 2016 she worked with Medway Community Healthcare Trust as they set up the tongue tie clinic to run alongside their long standing breastfeeding clinic.  Contact:

Deb Wilson

Treasurer – Deb Wilson

Former Chair and Membership Secretary, Deb has been involved with the ATP since 2015 and began practicing after completing the Wolverhampton course in 2016. Deb has experience of working within both the NHS and Private practice. She is hoping to study for PhD in Tongue-tie at Northumbria University in Autumn 2022 Contact

Jaz Jones

Membership Secretary – Jas Jones

Jas has been a registered midwife since 2007, a qualified tongue tie practitioner since 2016 and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2017. She has worked in private practice care since 2016 based in Northampton. Currently Jas is due to complete training in Craniosacral Therapy in July 2022, supporting babies with any tensions, physical and birth related trauma in relation to feeding. Jas has been the Membership Secretary for the ATP since 2019, and loves welcoming the new members to the ATP! Please contact her with any membership queries at

Janice Blythman

Professional Midwifery Advocate – Janice Blythman

Sarah Oakley

Incident Reporting Co-ordinator & Honorary Member– Sarah Oakley

Former Chair and vice chair of the ATP. In recognition of her contribution to the Association is was voted in as an honorary member at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2019. Contact

Suzanne Barber

Audit & Honorary Member – Suzanne Barber

Suzanne was one of the founding members of ATP when it was set up in 2012 and was the first Chair, subsequent vice chair and secretary of the ATP. In recognition of her contribution to the Association she was also voted in as an honorary member at the AGM in 2019. Suzanne currently runs a busy independent practice as an infant feeding specialist midwife, Lactation Consultant and Tongue Tie Practitioner in The Peak District, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Andi Simpson

Sales Officer - Andi Simpson

Carole Goddard

Website Co-ordinator -Carole Goddard

Sam Rush

Committee Member - Sam Rush

Louise Armstrong

Committee member - Louise Armstrong

Louise Armstrong is a committee member who has a strong interest in the educational aspects of infant feeding and tongue tie. She is also interested in the generation and publication of evidence surrounding tongue tie. Louise is a midwife with over 35 years’ experience having worked both as a practitioner and as a midwifery lecturer in university. She joined the ATP in 2018 and trained as a tongue tie practitioner care of the University of Wolverhampton and at the NHS clinic in Dudley, Russells Hall Hospital. Louise is currently a tongue tie practitioner at Stonegate Medical clinic in the city of York.

Cathy Gale

Committee member - Cathy Gale

Cathy Gale is a committee member with a strong interest in audit and is currently helping to collate information about all the UK NHS tongue tie services available to families requiring them, and how the global pandemic has affected access to these services for families across the UK. Cathy has been a Registered midwife since 1983 and an IBCLC since 2004. Having been an NHS BFI lead for 9 years Cathy understands the challenges faced by staff in busy Maternity units. She has been working as an IBCLC and a tongue tie practitioner since 2019 in Swindon. Wiltshire and the surrounding counties.

Jackie Hayward

Committee member - Jackie Hayward

Jackie qualified as a nurse in 1991, then as a midwife in 1998. Examination of the new born (NIPE) and then qualified in tongue tie in 2014.  She enjoys giving families feeding support in their homes and covers London and surrounding counties. Jackie has been a committee member supporting developments in the ATP since 2021.